US patent # 5,351,920

FUNCTION: To hang copper or cpvc tubing from threaded rod. Based on an industry average of $8-$12 (parts and labor) to install one threaded rod and hanger, Pipe-Tytes? Add-A-Hanger will save you up to 90% of the cost to hang an additional pipe.

HOW THEY WORK: The Add-A-Hanger twists on & off. Fine vertical adjustments can be made by turning the hanger around the rod like a nut. Pipes can snap in and out. Hangers should be spaced no more than 5 feet apart. Available for    & 1 inch tubing and installs on existing or new 3/8 inch threaded rod. Quantity 25 per bag.

1. $$$ savings.
2. Saves time & effort.
3. Simplest way.

Eliminates pipe rattle and electrolysis.
Tubing is secure and protected from sharp metal edges.
Run tubing through A/C chases..

Meets UL Standard 2043: of Visible Smoke Release for Discrete Products
and their accessories installed in Air-Handling Spaces. 
Click here to access UL's online certification directory.
Click here to access UL's Scope for UL2043

Refer to local plumbing codes before using this product.

Place hanger around rod as shown.

Then twist until vertical....

...and locked into place.

Once locked into position just snap tubing into place.

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Tubing Size: 1/2 inch 3/4 inch 1 inch
Tubing OD: 5/8 inch 7/8 inch 1-1/8 inch
Item #: 503-TR 753-TR 1003-TR

   Click here for a printable Add-A-Hanger brochure, pdf
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