Pipe Isolator

  The pipe isolator that completely surrounds your pipes and eliminates any contact between the pipe and stud. Helps stop the transmission of water noise and pipe rattle by isolating the pipe from the wood.

The wood stud in a wall acts much like the body of a violin or guitar, and resonates the sound of water rushing through the pipes. This contact between the pipes and studs amplifies the sound of the water. The pipe isolator helps reduce this noise and secures the pipe to the stud at the same time.

Helps reduce piping noise.

1. Drill a 1-3/8'' hole in the stud. Install pipe - copper or polybutylene.

2. Place the Pipe Isolator on the pipe.

3. Push into the hole.

4. Secure with a screw or nail.

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  Fast & Economical
1/2'' Tubing Size
Part #502-PL
Hole Size 1-3/8''
Quantity: 50/bag

3/4'' Tubing Size
Part #752-PL
Hole Size 1-38''
Quantity: 50/bag

1'' Tubing Size
Part #1010-PL
Hole Size 1-3/8''
Quantity: 50/bag
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