Pipe Shims

Fastens water pipes
to wood studs in seconds!

1/2'' Tubing Size
Part #501-W
Hole Size 1 1/8''
Quantity: 100/bag

3/4'' Tubing Size
Part #751-W
Hole Size 1 1/8''
Quantity: 100/bag

For copper or polypipe tubing to fit in 1-1/8'' hole size.

Using Pipe Shims is a fast, efficient method of fastening copper or polybutylene water pipes to wood studs. Made of tough durable polypropylene (plastic) which will not scrape or harm the surface of the pipe.

Installation time is 5 seconds, is cost efficient and provides a neat professional appearance. The installation does not require any special tools, it eliminates the need for straps, wires, nails and screws. (A nail may be used for double studs.)

Pipe Shim holds pipes in place before and after soldering. This provides proper pipe alignment and good solder joints during and after installation.

Vertical pipes at top top plates and floors are held in place for assembly & soldering.
Helps stop pipe rattle.
Won't fall out.
Saves time & money.
Neat, professional appearance.

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1. Drill a 1 1/8" hole in stud and install either " or " copper pipe. Place Pipe Shim on the pipe.

2. Push or hammer the Pipe Shim into the hole.

3. A nail slot is provided for Pipe Shims being used on double studs.

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